About us

Tyler and Jenny Sherman, with a combined 40 years in the restaurant and hospitality industries are the people who conceived of and opened Odyssey Gastropub in downtown Colorado Springs in 2014. Odyssey garnered immediate support from the community and after a few years of success there (and a few years to forget the trials and tribulations of opening a restaurant) we decided to give it another go. With our love of sports, fitness, the great outdoors and all that Colorado Springs has to offer, we decided a sports/outdoor themed restaurant was the way to go. We describe it as the “Odyssey Gastropub of Sports Bars” and are bringing elevated food and service to fellow enthusiasts.

We love Colorado Springs and in particular, we love downtown Colorado Springs. That’s why we live here and that’s why we now have 2 restaurants, employ more than 50 people, and located our corporate HQ (that’s what we call the front room of our house) in downtown Colorado Springs.

We invite you to bring your friends, enjoy the food, enjoy the drinks, enjoy a game, enjoy our fabulous staff, but most of all, enjoy each other!